Become an Eyelash Extensions Technician.

More Lash has three levels of courses depends on your need……

More Lash Academy

At More Lash Academy, we offer classroom instruction to no more than 2 students at a time and one-on-one hands on training. All of our instructors are current eyelash extension technicians with many years of professional work experience. We give all of our students complete detailed instructions on proper application techniques. This ensures that our students will achieve perfect end results as well as provide their future clients with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere during the applications.

All of our courses include a basic eyelash extensions starter kit so there won't be any need for purchasing any additional supplies of any kind after completing the courses.

Our Mission

Now a days, many people know about eyelash extensions and due to the high demands, the number of the eyelash extension technicians has been rapidly increased.
It is crucial for the technicians to be trained properly and have a correct technique and knowledge. There are many ways of application and types of eyelash extensions, Individual and Multiple types(also called Volume Lash), both are called eyelash extensions. Our mission is to provide high quality product and application procedure for your clients to enjoy Eyelash Extensions without natural lash damage.