A 40-hour course aimed at preparing students for real world work experience at a salon, spa or who are interested in opening up their own business immediately after completion of the course. The main focus is on learning all the knowledge and application procedures necessary for perfect eyelash extension techniques.

Each student will practice their learned techniques with 13 different models that have different types of natural lashes. This will help the students to learn how to work with different kinds of natural lashes and which eyelash extensions including curl, length, and thickness would work best for them.

  • Basic knowledge, safety and sanitation, preparation of eyelash extensions
  • Application procedure of upper and lower eyelash extensions with mannequin
  • Application procedure to 13 models (upper and lower lashes)
  • Repair and touch-up procedures
  • Complete eyelash extension and individual extension removal procedures
  • FAQ from customers and trouble shooting

Course fee : $2,400
Salon Work Course Starter Kit : Included
Course hours : 40 hours (one 4-hour class, twelve 3-hour classes)

* Students are required to bring their own practice model.
* Please note that students must complete the Salon Work Course within 6 months of the starting date.