Volume Lash Application Techniques

You can make a "fan" as you pick up the extensions, or prepare ready-made “fans” prior to appointments for faster application.

It is crucial to get a nicely fanned out shape to begin a Volume Lash application. When there is too much glue on the ends of the fan, the fan shape will close together and the extensions will lose its "fan" shape needed to fill gaps and give more volume. It is important to control the amount of glue that is picked up on the lash to ensure a perfect application.

Here's how you can get more volume (applying more extensions) on just one single natural lash while keep lashes from getting damaged under the heavy weight.

Volume Lash Extensions 0.05mm Thickness

MORE LASH has finally released the thinnest eyelash extensions available for lash technicians! Perfect for Volume Lash applications, these extensions are our thinnest and best yet!

Extremely lightweight and flexible, these are perfect for anyone looking into Volume lash application or want to offer a natural and lighter option to classic individual lashes.

Volume Lash Tweezers Style VA

Right angled and curved tips are great for grabbing multiple lashes off the tray.

These tweezers were made just for Volume lashes and can hold onto even the most thinnest of lashes.

Easy application and release help make volume lash application a breeze.